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Save Ugandan Children

Unite as one to save children from the unsuitably condition for example ; sleeping on the streets , poor health , hungry and so on why, Creating Hope International Uganda (CHIU) is a charity organisation aimed at improving lives of less privileged people in Uganda. CHIU is located in Uganda’s capital Kampala, Dubai zone Makindye. We...
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Drought And Hunger

The Heart of a person who donates to the poor for the betterment, is like a field fill of fruits . You can contribute in different ways, including: participating at current projects making a periodic donation helping with the organization of events My dear Brother,Sister, mother, Father we need your hand also in this ....
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More Plants Needed

  One tree can provide a small shade but what of more than two trees ? thus CHIUG decided to support the young trees in oder to provide largely a ward area shade in future. one kid you can help to day will be important tomorrow and thus helping you back in a few years...
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Please Help Refugees

Refugee is simply leaving your mother country and seek for support due to the un conditioned ways of life in your country , some of these problems which force people to migrate are these; wars, eduction, diseases, conflicts hungry. We can stop refugee but we can provide what is required for those people in such...
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Education Needed

Education is the first key to a bright future but some time often to be hand in some countries and regions for example in my Home Country Uganda, A big percentage of Ugandan kid don’t obtain the enrollment and the grift from Education thus CHIUG (creating Hope International Uganda) comes in to provide what is...
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