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Women projects

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Promote Mentorship and Empowerment Programs amongst marginalized people through job creation and wealth creation programs for our communities

CHIU is committed to empowering our community economically, socially

and morally for self-reliance, economic stability at household levels, community and national level. In order to move single mothers and their families out of poverty and onto a path toward long-term economic stability, graduated and continued support is necessary. This is achieved through sensitization, dialogues, trainings and capacity building and initiation of income generating activities.

Crafts Project
This project is intended to initiate income-generation.
A group of single mothers who with the help of CHIU have set up a Women’s art and crafts group Here women make handmade crafts such as Paper Beads, bracelets,

hand woven necklaces,earrings, mats and bags.Every sale we make, the proceedings go to helping a child go to school and bring hope by giving income to families that had lost hope.

What We Need
For you to purchase the crafts made, your purchase will help provide and promote the
organization projects.
After making a feasibility study in the region, we realized that there are a number of single mothers who could make their lives productive and care for their children with less difficulty if they are given chance to start projects on their own. CHIU will

initiat a micro loan giving program, here members in an area are identified, taught
skills business skills such as modern farming, sewing/tailoring shop, startup small grocery stores, retail businesses, open up food and drink joints. After training, members are asked to identify projects that they can work well with and are then allocated loans which they are required to repay in installments for a period of 3 months. The cycle continues until every individual is able to have a stable business.

What We Need
Since the numbers of such women are massively many, we are only able to start helping a few, it’s then therefore that we welcome well-wishers, donors, and partners to come join us take this project to another level to enable us reach out to many rural areas.

Communal agriculture like goat  ,poultry , growing vegetables  will be encouraged.